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These classic Japanese milk candies from Fujiya usually feature the iconic mascot, Peko-chan. Order Milky candy from Fujiya online here on Japan Candy Store. We ship straight from Japan to your doorstep! Discover tasty Japanese milk candies and treats.

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The 9 most popular Japanese milk candies Fujiya Milky. On the market since the 1950s, Fujiya Milky is a genuine classic, and its mascot, Peko-chan, is a beloved... UHA Mikakuto Tonuko Milk 8.2. The Mikakuto Tonuko Milk candy is incredibly flavorful and is produced with fresh cream... Asahi Calpis ...

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Hokkaido Melon Candy. These unique Japanese hard candy drops combine milk and melon to create a tasty, smooth, sweet treat. The candy contains real melon juice and has a rich milky flavor combined with the sweetness from the melon.

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The classic version of Milky from Fujiya are individually wrapped milk caramels that contain milk powder for a creamy taste. The Milky brand name is also used on a series of seemingly unrelated products such as chocolate bars.

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First, Tokuno Milk 8.2 is one of Japan’s most popular milk candies produced and sold by UHA Mikakuto. Although its name includes the number, the hard candy now contains 10.2 percent milk fat. Made with fresh cream from Hokkaido, this hard milk candy has plenty of flavor. It is not overly sweet and leaves a refreshing aftertaste. Fujiya Milky

All About Ramune Candy and Why They’re Everywhere in Japan

This is the classic soda-flavored candy in Japan. They imitate the original lemon-lime flavor of the ramune drinks and these candies also have the same fizzy quality to them when you pop them in your mouth. The most popular version of this is the one pictured above, which is manufactured by the Japanese confectionery giant, Morinaga.

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Japanese Hard Candy 26. Milky Japanese Milk Candy is a deliciousness of natural milk candy that does not use flavouring or colouring. Added fresh cream of Hokkaido to white milky for an extra blend of flavour. 27. Konpeito Konpeito Candy is a small hard colourful candy made almost entirely with sugar and glucose.

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3. Morinaga Caramel Milk. Undoubtedly one of the Japanese candy industry’s icons, Morinaga Caramel Milk first came on the scene in 1913. This candy enjoys immense popularity today, as it did in the past, thanks to its unique flavor, which hasn’t changed in years.

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It tastes like sweetened milk and is extremely popular both in Japan and abroad. This type of candy can be expensive, and it you want the real thing, the shipping can be expensive. Try making your own version of this Japanese treat with condensed milk, and see if this recipe will not satisfy your Japanese hard milk candy craving.

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Economical 10 boxes set of Japanese popular milk candy "Fujiya Milky". This original Milky is a long seller item which is loved by many children and mothers since its release in 1951. 7 candies containing in a small cute box. Contents: FUJIYA 7 Pieces Milky (Milk Candy) x 10 These are non-halal foods. If you have any concerns about ingredients ...

16 Most Famous Chocolates In Japan by Popular Japanese Brands

It was introduced in 1926 as a pioneer in mass-market chocolates. This is Japanese chocolate in its simplest, most pleasurable form. Carefully-roasted cacao and rich Japanese milk come together to form these smooth, aromatic chocolate bars. Its distinctive flavors have set the standards for milk chocolates until today.


No.1: Japanese Chocolate Meiji Almond. Meiji Almond Chocolate is a delicious combination of roasted almonds covered with Meiji’s iconic milk chocolate. Buy Meiji Chocolate Almond 10 pack on Amazon. These Japanese chocolate almonds packs make wonderful Japanese food souvenirs as they are small and lightweight to carry.